The Vineyard

The Mas de Cynanque vineyard is made up of two main soil types which bring a complexity and richness to our wines.

The hills that surround the winery are made up of red sandstone, a novel soil bringing freshness and concentration. It is a hardy and susceptible soil which finds a balance in organic wine production.

The other section of the vineyard is situated on the Villespassans limestone plateau. Higher in altitude, on deeper ground, this soil lends itself to both the fruitiness and depth of the grapes. The Grenache variety prospers on these small white limestone pebbles.

Most of the vines are over 30 years old, with 2 Carignan plots being planted in 1911!

The grape varieties are traditional ones, with the four main pillars of Languedoc wine: Carignan, Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre.


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