Althea, white

Pale gold in colour, this wine tastes of aniseed, pink grapefruit and has floral notes which create a powerful long-lasting flavour.

Its mineral end taste bestows its elegance.

Organic Wine
Soil Type

Terraces of clay-limestone in which one finds the seams of red sandstone particular to this area. The deep red soil accumulates heat during the day which it then returns to the grapes at night thus helping the development of the berries.

Climate and aspect

The Mediterranean climate benefits from the cooler air of the nearby hills. The vineyards are located on a south-easterly facing slope which makes them ideally placed to benefit from the sunshine.

Grape Variety

Roussanne 40%, Vermentino 30%, Grenache blanc 30%. The grapes used to make this wine come from plots that have been planted recently.

The Vineyard

Work in the vineyard is undertaken with a great deal of respect for the environment, the stock, and the grape. The natural limitations of the soil mean yields are around 15 hl/ha. Leaves are stripped from the north side of trailing vines and the soil, subject to erosion, is covered in grass. Organic fertilisers make it possible to maintain the microbial life and the structure of the soils.


The grapes are harvested manually in small boxes and are sorted on the plot. After pressing, fermentation takes place in 500L barrels and small, thermoregulated vats. The wine is matured and refined in barrels for 10 months with regular stirring of the must during the first few months.


The wine is pale gold in colour with hints of aniseed, pink grapefruit, and flowers on the nose. It is strong and long in the mouth yet maintains a lovely freshness which gives it its elegance. The end product is dominated by minerals.

PDF File
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