A sample of sparkling wine with this Pet’Nat (natural sparkling wine). What makes this bottle so enticing is its small level of alcohol, a natural expression of the grape and an ultra-thirst-quencher.

Organic Wine

This vintage is a fine and delicate sparkling wine, with fresh flavours of white fruits and flowers. From the moment you take your first sip, L’Envol gives off a feeling of freshness that is prolonged, thanks to its crisp fine bubbles.

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  • Cuvée Fleur de Cynanque rosé
  • Cuvée Fleur de Cynanque rouge
  • Cuvée Plein Grès
  • Cuvée Méandres
  • Cuvée Althéa blanc
  • Cuvée Acutum
  • Cuvée Amicytia
  • Cuvée Carissimo
  • Cuvée Nominaris
  • Cuvée Amphyèdre
  • Cuvée Hespérides


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