All our agriculture at the vineyard is organic in nature.
A roasted cacao aroma, followed by red fruit flavours (redcurrants and cranberries), and some spices.

Organic Wine
Soil Type

On a plateau of small limestone pebbles.

Climate and aspect

The Mediterranean climate benefits from the cooler air of the nearby hills. Located on a slightly north facing slope making the vines open to a cool breeze.

Grape Variety

Primarily Carignan. A plot consisting of old Carignan vines, surrounded by scrubland.

The Vineyard

Organic agriculture. Work in the vineyard is undertaken with a great deal of respect for the environment, the stock, and the grape. The natural limitations of the soil mean yields are 13 hl/ha. The vines are goblet pruned (pruned right back). Organic fertilisers make it possible to maintain the microbial life and the structure of the soils.


The grapes are harvested manually in small boxes and are sorted on the plot. After destemming, the winemaking takes place in barrels with one of their covers removed. The extraction of polyphenols and anthocyanins is carried out by punching the caps of the grape skins which, in turn, produces a very sweet product. Fermentation takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks and is aged for 12 months before bottling.


A roasted cacao aroma, followed by red fruit flavours (redcurrants and cranberries), and some spices. A very elegant taste, with very fine tannins. Leaves a beautiful acidity with a fresh and delicate aftertaste. Residual sugar <1g/L)

PDF File
  • Cuvée Fleur de Cynanque rosé
  • Cuvée Fleur de Cynanque rouge
  • Cuvée Plein Grès
  • Cuvée Méandres
  • Cuvée Althéa blanc
  • Cuvée Acutum
  • Cuvée Amicytia
  • Cuvée Nominaris
  • Cuvée Amphyèdre
  • Cuvée Hespérides
  • l'Envol


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